Refund Policy

Once the semester begins, registration in the University is considered a contract binding the student for charges for the entire academic period. However, a student may find it necessary to make schedule changes once the semester begins.

Added courses are billed full tuition and fee rate currently in effect regardless of when the student registers for the course.

Dropped courses are refundable according to the refund terms and schedule in effect for the current semester.

Tuition Tuition refunds, when approved, will be granted according to the following schedule:

Fall or Spring (16 week) semester:

  • 100% refund of tuition prior to expiration of 4th semester day, (4 calendar days) scheduled from the first day of the start of the semester*.
  • 80% refund of tuition prior to expiration of first 2 weeks, (14 calendar days) scheduled from first day of start of semester*
  • 60% refund of tuition prior to expiration of first 3 weeks, (21 calendar days) scheduled from first day of start of semester*
  • 40% refund of tuition prior to expiration of first 4 weeks, (28 calendar days) scheduled from first day of start of semester*
  • No tuition refunds will be made after the end of the 28th calendar day, counted from the first day of the semester*. Refunds for courses other than regular day classes will be prorated.

    *The start of the semester as published in the University Calendar

    Beyond these dates, a student who drops a course because of excessive class non-attendance, poor academic performance, or similar causes, who withdraws without notice, or who is expelled and / or administratively withdrawn is not entitled to a refund. Failure to attend class or simply notifying an individual instructor will not be regarded as an official withdrawal.
    Financial aid recipients who drop classes resulting in a change in enrollment status (full-time, part-time) from status at time of financial aid award may be subject to a reduction in institutional aid. This reduction in aid may result in student owing UMHB for the returned institutional aid. Please consult with UMHB’s Bursar’s Office or Financial Aid Office to understand this impact prior to adding or dropping a course.

Summer terms:

  • Please refer to the Tuition Refund section on the Bursar's webpage, for the complete Tuition Refund schedule for summer terms. Due to the accelerated nature of many summer courses, the tuition refund schedule will also follow a more accelerated schedule. 

Fees — No refunds are available on general service fee, technology fee, or other required or special fees.

Room & Board— No refunds are available on room & board charges since housing is contracted for an entire academic period.

Room Deposit —Unless refunded prior to occupancy in accordance with policies on page 34, the room deposit constitutes a permanent room deposit for as long as the student resides in university housing. The fee is refundable when a student ceases residency in university owned housing provided the student’s room is clean and undamaged and the student has followed the required steps to notify Residence Life and withdraw from campus housing.  The student must submit a room deposit refund request, in writing, to the Residence Life/Housing Office in the Student Development Department prior to June 1. If student has an outstanding balance on student account or other residential fines, room deposit will be applied to that balance prior to issuing refund.

A student who moves into university housing and subsequently moves out prior to the end of a semester forfeits the campus housing deposit.