Bachelor of General Studies Degree - Academic Core

The Bachelor of General Studies is designed for individuals who are currently employed in or who wish to be employed in fields that do not require a degree in a specific subject area. It is also an appropriate program for persons who desire a degree only for purposes of personal enrichment.

To receive a Bachelor of General Studies degree, a student must fulfill the following course requirements:

Degree Requirements

A. Core Courses - 46 hours

Capstone (determined by concentrations)

BGST 4001General Studies Capstone


Christian Studies - 6 hours

CSBS 1311Engaging the Old Testament


CSBS 1312Engaging the New Testament


English - 9 hours

ENGL 1321Rhetoric & Composition I


ENGL 1322Rhetoric & Composition II


ENGL Literature


A grade of a "C" or higher must be obtained in ENGL 1321 and ENGL 1322.

Exercise & Sport Science- 2 activity courses

Fine Arts - 3 hours

Global Issues or Social Science - 3 hours

Lab Science - 4 hours

Public Speaking - 3 hours

COMM 1320Public Speaking


Quantitative Reasoning - 3 hours

MATH only

MATH 1304Quantitative Reasoning




Scientific Inquiry or Natural Sciences - 3 hours

Social Science - 6 hours

two different subject areas outside of major

Chapel - 1 to 4 credits

UMHB 1002Chapel


UMHB 1002: credits determined by admission classification

Fine Arts Experience - 2-8 credits

UMHB 1005Fine Arts Experience


UMHB 1005: credits determined by admission classification

Freshman Seminar - 1 hour

UMHB 1101Freshman Seminar


UMHB 1101: required for first-time freshmen with fewer than 12 semester hours of transfer credit only

World Ideas or Philosophy or Non-US History - 3 hours

B. Two Concentrations - 48 hours

Each Concentration must have:

                24 hours chosen from one college. “College” refers to Business, Christian Studies, Education, Exercise Science, Humanities (Communications, English, History, Political Science, Spanish), Nursing (only if the student is coming from Nursing with sufficient hours), Science (natural sciences and social sciences—Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology), Visual and Performing Arts  

                12 hours upper-level     

                12 hours at UMHB, 6 of which must be upper-level         

                Associate degree academic or technical fields (excluding General Studies) may be a concentration          

                Courses in the general education core will not also count towards hours in the concentration     

Courses from the College of Humanities and Sciences may be separated into a Concentration in Humanities and/or a Concentration in Sciences.

C. Electives - as needed to bring total to 124 hours

D. Total for Bachelor of General Studies Degree - 124 hours