NURS 4614 Nursing of the Critically Ill

A clinical nursing course designed to provide students with concepts and processes in nursing that are related to the bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of clients/families facing a critical illness episode. The nursing care of clients with acute physiological crises related to oxygenation, circulation, neurological alterations, and renal failure is emphasized. Standards of care based on research findings are considered. Included in this are legal and ethical considerations, family assessment, and support during these crises. Both nutritional and pharmacological considerations are included which may be age or condition related. Students are provided with learning experiences to develop nursing roles and skills based on professional standards and values that are appropriate to meeting needs of clients/families health needs facing a critical illness. Lab fee. Prerequisites: NURS 2310, 3312, 3610, 3611, 3612, 3614, and 3313 (or their equivalents). Concurrent enrollment in 4312 and 4610 is expected for the traditional student. Lab fee.