MUSI 2000 Departmental Barrier Exam

Test in the format of the ExCET exam covering music theory, music history, and listening skills. Students are required to show mastery at the 71% or higher level.


MUSI 2131 Aural Skills III

Continuation of MUSI 1132. Should be taken concurrently with MUSI 2331. Prerequisite: MUSI 1132 and 1332.


MUSI 2132 Aural Skills IV

Continuation of MUSI 2131. Should be taken concurrently with MUSI 2332. Prerequisite: MUSI 2131 and 2331.


MUSI 2220 Church Music and Worship Administration

A survey of best practices in the administration of comprehensive Church Music and Worship programs.

MUSI 2265 Introduction to Conducting

Beginning skill development with the baton; conducting beat and metrical patterns; gestures of articulation and expression. Prerequisite: MUSI 2331 or permission of the instructor.


MUSI 2268 Introduction to Music Education

A required course for all music education majors, vocal and instrumental emphasis, which provides an overview of the total public school music program. Observation and clinical experiences in public school classrooms and performing groups will be required.


MUSI 2280 Introduction to Church Music

An orientation in the overall area of church music and the ministry through music. A survey of the multi-faceted use of religious music in various settings.


MUSI 2331 Theory III

Continuation of MUSI 1332. Includes secondary dominant and leading tone chords, modulation to closely related keys, borrowed chords, Neapolitan chords, and augmented 6th chords, Should be taken concurrently with MUSI 2131. Prerequisite: MUSI 1332.

MUSI 2332 Theory IV

Continuation of MUSI 2331. Includes study of chromatic tonal harmony, late Romantic harmony, chromatic modulation, enharmonic reinterpretation, modes, exotic and synthetic scales, 20th century harmonic vocabulary and techniques, set theory, 12-tonal theory, and aleatoric practices. Should be taken concurrently with MUSI 2132. Prerequisite: MUSI 2331.


MUSI 2352 Music History I

A survey of the history, music literature, and compositional techniques and styles from Gregorian chant up through the death of Bach.