EXAC 4110 Mountain Biking

This class introduces students to basic mountain biking. The focus is on training principles, bike handling skills, equipment needs, mechanics, nutrition, hydration and safety. Emphasis is placed on specific off-road mountain biking skills such as braking, shifting, downhill riding, climbing, drafting and course management. Minimal cycling skills and basic fitness level required. Mountain bikes are provided by the EXSS department. Lab fee.

EXAC 4111 Rock Climbing

This class introduces students to basic rock climbing principles, including techniques and maneuvers, knots, anchoring and belaying systems, rappelling and categories of climbing. In addition, students become familiar with history, safety and ethics as well as equipment, including nomenclature, use, and care. Emphasis is placed on top-roped climbing systems and bouldering. Basic fitness level is required for participation in this class. Students are required to participate in a 3-day field trip. Lab fee.


EXAC 4112 Snow Skiing

This course introduces students to basic and intermediate snow skiing. The course material includes basic equipment knowledge, proper skiwear, ski area navigation, safety and injury prevention, basic fitness, nutrition and hydration and etiquette. Emphasis is placed on downhill skiing, basic form and safety principles. Students are expected to participate in daily training sessions and make every attempt to progress in skill level during the course. No experience is necessary. Class will be taught off-campus. A basic fitness level is required. Lab fee.

EXAC 4113 Stand Up Paddleboarding

Instruction in safety and techniques of lake, river and ocean stand up paddleboarding. Primary focus will be placed on paddleboarding as a fitness activity, paddleboard construction and design, terminology and paddling technique. Pre-requisite: Every student must be able to successfully complete a swimming test prior to beginning the class. Lab fee.

When this course is taught on a trip, it carries a corequisite of EXAC 3122 Angling.  Students wishing to travel on the trip must enroll in both EXAC 4113 Stand Up Paddleboarding and EXAC 3122 Angling for the applicable term/subterm.


EXAC 4124 Lifeguard Training

Instruction and skills training leading to American Red Cross nonsurf "Lifeguard Training" certificate. Prerequisite: Current American Red Cross "Standard First Aid" and "Adult CPR" or "Community CPR" certifications and adequate swimming skills. Lab fee.


EXAC 4126 Water Safety Instructor

Instruction and skills leading to "Water Safety Instructor" certification by the American Red Cross. Prerequisite: EXSS 4124 or EXSS 4125 or current American Red Cross certificate in "Emergency Water Safety" or "Lifeguard Training." Lab fee.


EXAC 4130 Team Activities

The course will focus on the organization, planning and implementation of large group activities. The course is designed to prepare students to manage team recreational activities in camp, church, school or city recreation settings.


EXAC 4191 Seminar

Lab fee

EXAC 4220 Scuba Diving

The course will focus on introductory scuba skills specifically to include equipment, safety, respiration, communication, buddy systems, dive planning, problem management and open-water diving skills. Upon successful completion of this course, a student will receive an open-water dive certification. Prerequisite: Ability to swim. (This course only counts as 1 activity course in the UMHB Core requirement). Lab fee.