CISC 2315 Discrete Structures of Computer & Engineering Sciences

A foundational course designed to introduce students to the concepts of discrete structures for Computer Science and to prepare them for courses that will utilize the methods they have mastered. Students will have practical experience using various discrete structure techniques to solve problems in Computer Science. Topics covered will be propositional and predicate logic, inference, functions, Boolean algebra, combinational digital logic, discrete probability, finite state machines and computability. Topics also covered are sets, recursive programs, graphs, trees, and lists. Prerequisite: CISC 1305 or ENGR 1320. Lab Fee.


CISC 2330 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

A foundational course designed to be a first course in object–oriented programming. The emphasis is on basic structured programming techniques including program design, problem-solving and data manipulation. Students will use the “C++” programming language to facilitate learning. Prerequisite: CISC 1305 or ENGR 1320. Lab fee.