BECO 3312 Money and Banking

A study of the development and economic role of commercial banks and financial institutions, the role of monetary theory, the Federal Reserve System and monetary policy, and the instruments and functions of international finance. Prerequisite: BECO 2310.

BECO 3320 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

This course is designed to provide an in depth study of macroeconomic theory. Topics include the measure of national income, classical macroeconomic theory, Keynesian aggregate economic theory, numerous consumption and investment theories, interest rate theories, and the role of money in modern economic theory. This course will emphasize the role of macroeconomics in understanding our complex economic system. Prerequisite: BECO 2310.


BECO 3321 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

An intermediate intensive study of contemporary microeconomic theory. Topics include consumer demand, market structure, production theory, the nature and behavior of costs, pricing and allocation of productive resources, and distribution of income. Prerequisite: BECO 2310.