PHIL 4303 World Views

This course is an examination of a variety of perspectives on reality in today's pluralistic world. This course begins with a statement of the biblical world view and its influence on Western civilization. Naturalism, Secular Humanism, Eastern Mysticism, the New Age Movement, and Post modernism are contrasted with the biblical view. The course is designed to emphasize the merits of the biblical view and to facilitate dialogue with other perspectives. (Same as CSTH 4303) Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and CSBS 1312.


PHIL 4315 World Religions

This course surveys the non-Christian religions that are most widely practiced in the world today: primal religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. It will include readings on some of the minor religions, as well. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and CSBS 1312

PHIL 4330 Revelation and Reason

This course is a historical and contemporary study of issues relating to human knowledge of God including natural and special revelation. Particular attention is given to the issues of the relationship of revelation and reason and to the nature and role of the Bible in revelation: inspiration, authority, inerrancy, and interpretation. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311, CSBS 1312, PHIL 2315 or CSTH 2316.