BSYS 4330 Supply Chain Management with ERP

In this course the student will be introduced to the study of the movement of materials, services, and information from supplier to manufacturer or service provider to the customer. All aspects of the supply chain will be explored including coordinating and integrating this movement of resources within and among the stakeholders involved in the supply chain and the information technology aspects associated with the supply chain. Emphasis will be placed on managing the supply chain using ERP. Prerequisite: BSYS 3325. Lab fee.


BSYS 4335 Enterprise Architecture and ERP

In this course, students will examine the components of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Also, enterprise architecture, middleware, service orientated architecture and infrastructure management concepts will be discussed. Finally, the roles of business process management and improvement, systems integration, and change management in planning and implementing enterprise systems will be discussed. Prerequisite: BSYS 3312. Lab Fee.


BSYS 4395 Internship in Business Systems

This course permits students to enhance their knowledge within Business Systems through the application of concepts, principles, and techniques learned in the classroom. It consists of supervised paid or unpaid activity as a professional-level intern for an employer with an approved internship program. Application must be approved prior to registration. Prerequisite: Senior standing; 3.0 G.P.A. in major and overall; and written consent of department chairperson and Associate Dean prior to registration. Administration fee.