CNSL 6199 Continuing Supervision of Clinical Placement

This course is designed to provide a mechanism for students to gain supervision for required internship hours that were not completed during the semester in which they were enrolled in internship (for students enrolled either in or are about to enroll in CNSL 6397 or CNSL 6398). Students who have not completed a minimum of 80% (240) of the required 300 hours for Internship II must enroll in this course in order to continue accruing hours for internship. Students who wish to accrue supervised hours outside of the published dates of a course may also use this course to accrue internship hours. Students are required to meet with faculty and complete a deficiency contract stating how long they need to complete the remaining hours and to enroll in one credit for each month (or portion of a month) they need to complete the required hours for Internship II (e.g., one month or less = one credit; one to two months = two credits; two to three months = 3 credits). This course can be enrolled in concurrently with CNSL 6398 Internship II (for students who did not complete Internship I hours on time). This course can also be used for students who were unable to complete CNSL 6398 Internship II hours as a means of maintaining continuous enrollment until graduation. This course can be repeated as needed. Approval is needed prior to registering for this course. Lab fee is required.




Counseling (Graduate)