PHIL 3311 Advanced Philosophical Studies

This course is an intensive study of a particular philosopher, period of philosophy, area of philosophy, or philosophical system. Can be taken for multiple credit with change in subject matter. Prerequisite: PHIL 2315.


PHIL 3320 Philosophy of Religion

This course is an introduction to the traditional problems in the area of philosophy of religion including the nature of religion, the existence of God, faith and reason, the nature of religious language, evil and suffering, and the relation of philosophy to theology. Prerequisite: PHIL 2315.


PHIL 3325 Moral Philosophy

This course is a study of central issues in moral philosophy focusing on paradigms of ethical justification throughout the history of philosophy. These paradigms are explored through primary readings and works of fiction Topics include the nature or morality, conceptions of justice, views of human nature and their bearing on questions of value, and competing tests of right and wrong.