EDSL 4300 Language and Literacy for Teachers of English Language Learners (ELL)

This course promotes understanding of fundamental language concepts, the structure and conventions of the English language, and the processes of first- and second-language acquisition. In order to promote students’ language development in English, the factors that affect ESL students’ learning of academic content, language, and culture are addressed. Assessment procedures and instruments used in ESL are introduced. Further, family and community advocacy for ESL students is presented.


EDSL 4310 Pedagogy and Assessment for Teachers of English Language Learners (ELL)

The primary focus of this course is planning and implementing effective, developmentally-appropriate ESL instruction. Foundations of ESL education and the factors that contribute to an effective multicultural and multilingual environment are taught. ESL teaching methods include theoretical bases, concepts, and research related to first- and second-language development. Formal and informal assessment procedures and instruments are taught. Family and community advocacy is addressed through required course practicum.