ARTS 2000 Sophomore Review

All art majors with at least 18 hours of foundation courses are required to register for ARTS 2000: Sophomore Review in the spring of their sophomore year, in order to proceed as upper-level art majors. It is expected that students have finished Drawing, Design, 3-D Design, Color Theory, Art History, Figure Drawing I, and Painting I; however, slight variations may occur. Requirements and process for the sophomore review is published and distributed by the Department of Art each spring.


ARTS 2311 Figure Drawing I

Stresses the expressive and conceptual aspects of drawing the human figure in a spatial environment. Prerequisite: ARTS 1310 or permission of the instructor. Fee.


ARTS 2320 Painting I

Explores the potentials of painting media, emphasizing color and composition. Prerequisites: ARTS 1310 and ARTS 1320 or permission of the instructor. fee.


ARTS 2322 Photography I

Introduction to basic black and white photographic process and techniques as an art medium. Fee.


ARTS 2340 3D Design

Emphasis upon three-dimensional design including form, texture, and space as they relate to balance, unity, and contrast. Lab fee.


ARTS 2360 Ceramics I

An introduction to the basic ceramic process. Lab fee.


ARTS 2370 Digital Art

Digital Art is the foundation studio course for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This course is the platform for understanding and applying basic graphic design principles, terminology, and software. Prerequisites: ARTS 1310 and ARTS 1320 or permission of the instructor. Fee


ARTS 2375 Typography

Historical overview of type and letterforms; introduction to professional typography in print and digital environments; primary focus will be application to the contemporary communications and software introduction to InDesign. Prerequisites: ARTS 1310, ARTS 1320, ARTS 2370 or permission of the instructor. Fee.