BACC 5220 Non-Profit Accounting

This course addresses accounting issues related to non-profit organizations. Topics include fund accounting, budget, and control issues, revenue and expense recognition, and issues of reporting for non-profit entities. Additional topics include cash flow analysis, expenditure control, long range financial planning, audits, grant and contract management, and compliance with nonprofit accounting and financial management principles in reference to maintaining public access and ethical standards.


BACC 5312 Advanced Accounting

An in-depth study into of accounting for partnerships, governmental accounting and foreign currency transactions branches, investments in equity securities, and business combinations. Preparation of consolidated financial statements. Prerequisite: Application of the MBA program and 18 hours of upper-level accounting.


BACC 5313 Advanced Auditing Issues & Techniques

Topics include audit theory and legal ramifications; statistical auditing and sampling techniques, analysis of financial data, transactions, and statements; and preparation of auditing opinions based upon work papers. Also, current audit statements from authoritative agencies will be examined. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in BACC 4331 or its equivalent. Application to the MBA program and 18 hours of upper level accounting.