Aid Programs by Category

Federal Programs

  1. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan

Same terms and conditions as Subsidized Student Loans, except that the borrower is responsible for interest that accrues during deferment periods (including in-school) and during the six-month grace period. Graduate students may borrow $20,500 per academic year. In most instances, the lending institution will electronically forward the funds to the student’s UMHB account.

Private Loans

  1. CAL Loan

    This is a credit based student loan with limited funding. The lender is the state of Texas, and funds are electronically disbursed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Application for this loan is made online at

  2. Alternative Loan

    A list of private lenders can be found at Each lender maintains their individual website with current interest rates and other pertinent information. Be sure to stay informed of interest rates and repayment responsibilities.

Institutional Programs

  1. Graduate Scholarship

    This scholarship will be extended to students that are new to the graduate program. The award is $50 per semester hour.

Program Scholarships

Ed.D . Fellowship: Students enrolled in the Doctor of Education automatically qualify for this scholarship. This scholarship pays $100 for each hour the student is enrolled in.

Graduate Assistantships: Graduate assistantships at the master’s and doctoral levels are available in a number of graduate programs. All assistantships are intended to be of direct educational benefit to appointees. Assistantships must relate to the student’s academic objective and be supervised by a member of the Graduate Faculty. UMHB offers a variety of Graduate Assistantship opportunities, which may include a full tuition scholarship, a partial tuition scholarship, part-time employment wages or a combination of scholarship and wages. Duties may include research assistant, office duties, lab supervision, student advising, student academic assistance, and/or practica supervision.