5-Year Combined BBA/MBA

The combined BBA/MBA allows UMHB students who are currently pursuing a BBA degree to complete their MBA in one additional year beyond what would normally be required for the BBA. Students must meet all requirements for regular admission to the graduate program, including a minimum undergraduate 3.0 GPA. Students must declare their intent and apply to the graduate program in their Junior year in order to complete all requirements within their 5th year. Students will begin taking graduate courses while they are completing their undergraduate courses, and the following undergraduate courses will be waived: BLAW 3311, BMGT 4349, and BSYS 3325. The content of these courses will be covered in appropriate graduate courses. In the event the student does not complete all courses required for the Combined BBA/MBA, they will be required to complete BLAW 3311, BMGT 4349, and BSYS 3325 in order to be awarded their BBA degree. Upon completing all requirements of the Combined BBA/MBA, the student will be awarded both degrees at Commencement.