NURS 4610 Mental Health Nursing

A clinical nursing course designed to provide students with concepts and processes in nursing that are related to the bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs of clients/families with adaptive stressors affecting their mental health . Emphasized are alterations in adaptation due to stress; anxiety, crisis; and adjustment, developmental, psychotic, organic, and substance abuse disorders. Also emphasized are preventive health measures and other care standards based on research findings which are designed to maintain the mental health clients/families. Pharmacologic, nutritional, ethical, and legal aspects involved in the care of mental health clients are also included. Students are provided with learning experiences to develop nursing roles and skills based on professional standards and values that are appropriate to meeting needs of clients/families with mental health needs. Lab fee. Prerequisites: NURS 2310, 3312, 3610, 3611, 3612, 3614, and 3313 (or thier equivalents). Concurrent enrollment in NURS 4312 and 4614 is expected of the traditional student. Lab fee.