COMM 1161 Beginning Yearbook Lab

Production of the yearbook is required, including designing pages, writing copy, and taking and printing photographs in a laboratory setting. Ability to use Adobe PageMaker, proficiency in photography required (or permission of instructor). Lab fee. Prerequisite: COMM 2360 (credit or concurrent enrollment), ART 2322 or 3322, or permission of instructor.


COMM 1315 Introduction to Communication

A survey course designed to introduce the student to all types of communication study, including interpersonal, small group, public and mass communication environments. Emphasis is on understanding how communication sub-disciplines interrelate on a theoretical level.


COMM 1320 Public Speaking

A study of the principles of effective speaking. Practice in creating, organizing, and presenting informative, persuasive, and entertaining speeches.


COMM 1340 Intr to Speech Performance

Study and practice of oral performance of literature. Participants will use performance of literature to develop effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills.


COMM 1350 Business Speech

Public speaking, group discussion, interviewing, sales presentations, and other oral communication skills designed for students majoring in business or pursuing a business-related career.