Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Purpose of the Professional Certificate

Earning a professional certificate enables an individual to acquire skills and expertise in a particular job function or career.  The certificate demonstrates a commitment to growth and can help one achieve an advantage in the workplace which may lead to job opportunities, promotion, a higher pay scale, and job security.

A Graduate Certificate is available for students who hold a bachelor degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above from an accredited college or university.  A Graduate Certificate requires the completion of twelve (12) credit hours consisting of four courses.  A student pursuing a graduate degree in Business at UMHB who chooses to complete the courses required for the Certificate, will be awarded a Certificate as well as their diploma upon completion of their degree requirements. 


The following apply to Non-Degree Seeking Students:

  • Professional certificates do not qualify for Federal financial aid and VA benefits.
  • Certificate course tuition is non-refundable.
  • Students enrolled in the certificate program are not required to have a University ID, but may request one.
  • UMHB follows a continuous enrollment model.  Students may start the certificate program on the 15th of each month. 
  • Deadline for a schedule change is three (3) days from enrollment date.
  • For every three-hour certificate course completed successfully, students will earn three hours of transcripted graduate credit.
  • Students earning all 12 hours of certificate credit with a GPA of 3.0 or above may be able to apply those hours toward one of UMHB’s business graduate degrees.
  • If a student fails to satisfactorily complete a certificate course, they will receive no credit or grade for the course.
    Students may not retroactively opt-out of enrollment for a term.Decisions to opt-out of enrollment during an active term must be communicated by students to their advisor no later than the term end date.

Academic Interaction Policy

The UMHB Certificate Program represents an alternate format for education which measures learning, not seat time. Student progress reflects completion of assessments which demonstrates content mastery required for completion of the certificate.  Students are urged to recognize the importance of utilizing learning apps, faculty, and other provided resources.

To promote student success, during a student’s enrollment into the Certificate Program, they are required to:

  1. Engage in a Learning Activity during the first week after the date of enrollment. *, +
  2. Master at least one assessment by Day 21 after the date of enrollment.
  3. Make satisfactory progress toward the completion of the Certificate.

* A Learning Activity includes participating in, recorded activity in learning apps, assignment or assessment submissions, online tutoring, faculty tutoring, and learning community participation related to coursework. Learning Activities do NOT include activities such as logging in to a class without academic interaction, participating in coaching calls without coursework discussion/activity, participation in online community not related to coursework (I.e. birthday celebration or giveaway activity), or participation on the platform unrelated to coursework. Learning Activities and our Academic Interaction Policy provide a measurement for Regular Substantive Interaction (RSI) between Instructor and Students. 

+ If students do not engage in a Learning activity for 30 consecutive days, they will be administratively withdrawn from the program.


The McLane College of Business offers the following Graduate Certificates:

Non-Profit Administration & Leadership

Data Analytics

Certificate Programs

Non-Profit Administration and Leadership Certificate

This Certificate is designed to support individuals interested in pursuing careers in a non-profit/missional organization, as well as individuals who are currently working for a non-profit/missional organization.  This Certificate requires the completion of the following courses:

BACC 6310Accounting for Non-Profits


BADM 6340Leading the Mission-Driven Organization


BADM 6350Social Entrepreneurship


BMKT 6325Marketing & Development for Non-Profit Organizations


Data Analytics Certificate

This Certificate is designed to support individuals interested in integrating the broad field of data science into any career they are in or will pursue through courses in the specific area of data analytics.  This Certificate requires the completion of the following courses:

6310 6310Introduction to Data Analytics


BCIS 6312Big Data Analytics


BCIS 6357Data Visualization


BCIS 6341Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence