COMM 2180 Practicum in Communication

Discussion of vocation and calling, with an emphasis on writing and speaking about one’s career in communication. Continued development of student portfolios. Prerequisite: COMM1180 or permission of instructor.

COMM 2320 Introduction to Mass Media

Survey of mass media effects and careers. Study includes the history and use of books, magazines, newspapers, radio, movies, music, television, digital media, advertising and public relations. Emphasis on media-particularly social, political, economic and legal. Topics focus on media theory, ethics and trends in commercialization conglomeration, converging technologies and globalization. This course is part of the communication core common to all majors in the department and is a Writing Emphasis (WE) course.

COMM 2330 Copy Editing

Essential course of Mass Communication majors. Teaches students how to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, improve clarity, remedy inconsistencies and redundancies. Students will learn to edit information in accordance with writing standards for journalism and public relations according to the Associated Press Stylebook. Prerequisite (or concurrent enrollment): COMM 2360- Intro to Media Writing.


COMM 2360 Introduction to Media Writing

Students will learn interviewing techniques; and the location, retrieving, assessing, and verifying of information; advanced writing techniques in news, features, entertainment, sports, columns, and editorials. Basic proficiency in the use of a digital camera, the Associated Press stylebook, and layout, design, and editing software is required. Portfolio required.  Prerequisite: ENGL 1321 and 1322 (or equivalent) and COMM 2320 (credit or concurrent enrollment).


COMM 2370 Introduction to Public Relations

An introductory survey of public relations history, definition, principles, practices and codes of ethics. Career options and trends in business, government, non-profits and other entities are also discussed. Prerequisite (or concurrent enrollment) COMM 2360.


COMM 2390 Introduction to Film Studies

A survey of the film industry and the process of making motion pictures. Special attention given to the basics of film directing, acting, editing, cinematography and design, and to career paths in film and television. Prerequisite: COMM 2320