The Robert and Linda Black Center for Student Counseling, Testing, and Health Services

Students Seeking Disability Accommodations

Students who are otherwise qualified for a university program or course and who desire accommodation(s) for a disabling condition are responsible for initiating the request (prior to the accommodation being needed) directly to:

Director of Student Counseling, Testing & Health Services
UMHB Box 8437
900 College Street
Belton, Texas 76513
Office: (254) 295-4696
Fax: (254) 295-4196

More information regarding procedures and required documentation will be provided to the student upon receipt of the student’s specific request.


Professional and confidential clinical counseling services are available to students in need of assistance for a wide variety of issues. Crisis counseling, stress management, and a range of other emotional issues are addressed, as appropriate, on an individual and support group basis. Free counseling services are offered to currently enrolled students on a short-term basis by appointment only. When appropriate, referrals are made to mental health providers in the local area. Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with state regulations. More information can be found online at
The Student Counseling Center is located in the Mabee Student Success Center, Third Floor.


The Student Testing Program provides students opportunities to receive credit in areas of demonstrated academic proficiency, which is measured utilizing credit by examination programs. When academic proficiency is demonstrated, the University is then able to grant the student appropriate advance standing, elective credit, or equivalency credit as approved by University policy. The following examinations are utilized and/or accepted in the Testing Program:

American College Testing (ACT) Program - National and Residual Assessments


Accuplacer Basic Skills Test

CollegeBoard Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

CollegeBoard SAT College Admission Test

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs)

International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams

Departmental Exams

The Student Testing Center facilitates protocols, procedures, and test administration. These functions are in cooperation with the University Registrar, who reports the credit, and respective academic departments. The respective academic departments establish criteria for performance required on Credit by Examination tests and other testing for which credit is waived or granted.

When utilizing the Student Testing Center, students must fully comply with all testing protocols and the university’s academic integrity policy.

Miscellaneous testing services offered at the University include Accuplacer and foreign language testing. Exams not offered, but for which information resources are available, include GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, MAT, ExCET, TExES, NTE, TOPT, and TOEFL.

Townsend Memorial Library offers a variety of online practice tests including the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, TOEFL, GMAT, and NCLEX. Simply access the library’s homepage and look for Learning Express Advantage in the list of databases.

For further information regarding Credit by Exam and other examinations, access the following website: or contact:

UMHB Student Counseling, Testing & Health Services

UMHB Box 8437

900 College Street

Belton, Texas 76513

Office: (254) 295-4696

Fax: (254) 295-4196


Credit by Examination

Students seeking credit by examination may earn semester hours through the following examinations:

  1. American College Testing (ACT) Program - National Assessments Only
  2. CollegeBoard Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations
  3. CollegeBoard SAT College Admission Test
  4. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Examinations
  5. DSST (formerly DANTES)
  6. International Baccalaureate Program (IB) Examinations
  7. Departmental Examinations

Taking an Exam


  • Refer to the current Student Testing Services information on-line at for a complete list of approved examinations, minimum scores, additional requirements, and corresponding courses.
  • Permission for department examinations must be secured from the specific subject area Associate Dean or Department Chairperson. (A student seeking credit through a department examination during his or her last thirty hours must secure a petition first from the Dean of the student’s college.)
  • Application for CLEP examinations must be made at the Student Counseling, Testing & Health Services Center. Arrangements for department examinations must be made through the respective academic department. (Students with disabilities should make arrangements at the time of application to test under conditions that meet their pre-approved, documented requirements.)
  • Fees must be paid for test administration and for transcription of credit awarded.
  • Prerequisites for courses for which a student is seeking credit must be satisfied prior to the examination.

Credit by Exam Policies

Official credit by examination policies are listed in the Student Testing Services brochure and can be obtained from the Student Counseling, Testing & Health Services Center or on-line at The following are some important policies:

  • Credit for any course a student has previously audited, taken for noncredit, received the grade of “D”, or failed may not be earned by examination.
  • Duplicate credit will not be awarded.
  • Grade points are not earned through credit by examination.
  • Residence hours may not be earned through credit by examination.
  • No more than one-fourth of the total semester credit hours required for a degree may be earned through credit by examination.
  • Students may not use more than six hours of credit by exam for English or Writing courses. This includes credits earned by any combination of exams (AP, CLEP, etc.)
  • Credit earned by examination will be placed on a student’s transcript after the official score report is received, processed, and the transcription fee is paid.
  • Credit by examination secured through another college or university by a student transferring to UMHB must meet the minimum score requirements stated in the Student Testing Services brochure in effect at the time of the request.
  • An official ACT, AP, or CLEP test score report must be sent to the Registrar for evaluation of the credit.
  • Processing of transcripts is accomplished by the Registrar’s Office.