UMHB 1101 Freshman Seminar Student Development Course

Freshman Seminar is one semester hour credit course required of all freshmen who are new to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and transfer students who have less than twelve (12) transferable hours (excluding Credit by Exam, AP, CLEP, and ACT). This course must be taken the first semester the student is admitted to UMHB. The main goal of the course is to equip new freshmen with strategies for full, active participation in the process of making a successful transition to UMHB.

This required one hour credit freshman course, taught by faculty from various academic disciplines, provides an experience aimed at improving your chances for success during your first year. A variety of creative, interesting topics are available for you to choose from. This course will:

•     Assist you in transitioning to UMHB;

•     Provide you with an opportunity to build effective relationships through in-class and out-of-class interactions with other students, faculty, and staff;

•     Equip you to take responsibility and initiative for your learning experience as both a UMHB student and a lifelong learner.