Repeating a Course

A student may repeat a course for the purpose of raising a grade by re-taking that course at UMHB or at another accredited institution.

For a course re-taken at UMHB, the highest grade earned will be used to compute the cumulative grade point average.  Nonetheless, the grades for all attempts will print on the transcript.  The graded hours and quality points for each additional time the course was taken will count in the respective term grade point average but not towards graduation requirements.

Re-taking a course at another accredited institution that was initially taken at UMHB may satisfy degree requirements so long as a grade of "C" or higher is attained for the transfer course.  The grade for the transfer course, however, is not posted to the student's academic record and is not included in term or cumulative grade point average calculations.  Instead, the UMHB grade is flagged as a repeat and removed from the cumulative grade point average calculation.  Nonetheless, the UMHB grades for all attempts will print on the transcript.

Students re-taking a course at another accredited institution that was initially taken at UMHB are strongly urged to submit a Pre-approval of Transfer Credits Form to the Registrar's Office to ensure the suitability of the course prior to enrolling at the other institution.