State Programs

  1. Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)

    This is a need-based grant which requires that recipients be Texas residents and enrolled full-time. Application for this grant is made through the Financial Aid Office. Funds are awarded on a first come first served basis. The Grant maximum is currently $3,364 per academic year. Upon enrollment verification, funds are directly credited to the student’s UMHB account.

  2. State Funded Scholarships

    There are various scholarships funded by the State of Texas available to students. These scholarships are need-based and have individual academic criteria. Examples of these scholarships include Fifth-Year Accounting Student Scholarship Program, and the License Plate Insignia Scholarship Program.

  3. Texas College Work Program

    This college work program (need based) allows a student to work on campus at the prevailing minimum wage. Work awards are calculated on 13 hours per week for each 15-week semester. The maximum work award will be indicated on the student’s award letter. Time sheets are completed online daily and require the student's supervisor's approval. Checks are issued bi-weekly through the Bursar’s Office and will be used to pay any outstanding balance on the student’s account. If the student does not have an outstanding balance, the check will be issued directly to the student.