Institutional Programs

  1. Endowed Scholarships
    These are funds made available to students by the institution through endowment programs and special gifts to the University. A detailed list of scholarships follows. In most cases endowed scholarships are need-based and given out based on the results of the FAFSA.
  2. Institutional Scholarships
    These funds are made available to students by the institution. Scholarships are awarded based on academic skills and/or merit. On the following pages, academic scholarships are outlined in greater detail.
  3. Work Duty
    This college work program allows a student to work on campus at the prevailing minimum wage. Work awards are calculated on 13 hours per week for each 15-week semester. The maximum work award will be indicated on the student’s award letter. This program is similar to the Work Study program except that students may be hired because of special skills or other criteria instead of demonstrated financial need. Time sheets are completed online daily and require the student's supervisor's approval. Checks are issued bi-weekly through the Bursar’s Office and will be used to pay any outstanding balance on the student’s account. If the student does not have an outstanding balance, the check will be issued directly to the student.