PAMS 6556 Behavioral and Mental Health

This core clinical rotation provides students with exposure to the principles and practice of behavioral and mental health.  This supervised clinical practice experience enables students to assess patients seeking medical care across the life span with an emphasis on caring for the child, adolescent, adult and elderly patient with a psychiatric illness, behavioral or mental health disorder. Emphasis will be placed on the development of communication and behavior modification skills.  Students will also develop an increased understanding of the social, economic and psychological factors related to the patient and family members of a patient with a mental illness. Students will learn how to participate as a member of an interprofessional mental healthcare team.  This clinical rotation experience will enable students to achieve the learning outcomes needed to attain the competencies in the management of acute, emergent, chronic conditions and implement preventive care strategies.  This clinical experience will also enable the student to provide care as an entry level physician assistant upon graduation. 




Physician Assistant