PAMS 6553 Pediatrics

This core clinical rotation provides students with exposure to the principles and practice of pediatric medicine.  This supervised clinical practice experience enables students to assess neonates, infants, children, and adolescent patients seeking medical care in the pediatric outpatient medical setting.  This rotation is intended to provide the opportunity to refine techniques of history-taking and physical examination specific to the pediatric population.   In addition to providing students with an experience in parental education, parental guidance, and milestone recognition, this rotation aims to expose students to illnesses and injuries that are unique to the pediatric patient.  Students will learn how to function as part of a pediatric interprofessional team. This clinical practice experience will enable students to achieve the learning outcomes needed to attain the competencies in the management of acute, emergent, chronic conditions, and implement preventive care strategies.  This clinical experience will enable the student to provide care as an entry level physician assistant upon graduation.  




Physician Assistant