PAMS 6212 Pharmacotherapeutics III

This course is a continuation of Pharmacotherapeutics II as the curriculum progresses through the body/organ systems.  This course is a study of the applied medical sciences of pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics and their application in clinical practice.  Students will be taught the appropriate selection and rational use of drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases.  This course will include instruction in the acute and longitudinal management of otolaryngology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, women’s health, mental health, pediatrics, emergency medicine, surgery, geriatrics, and palliative care conditions to include the preventive, emergent, acute, chronic, palliative, and end-of-life patient care situations. Students will be instructed in problem solving and medical decision-making skills while developing patient centered pharmacologic management plans for pediatric (infant, children, adolescent), adult, and elderly populations, while considering socioeconomic differences.  Students will be instructed on the delivery of patient education and the counseling of patients about medication adherence, drug abuse, misuse, and treatments. This course follows along with the Clinical Disease and Prevention Course PAMS 6930.




Physician Assistant