PAMS 6166 Humanities, Ethics, Altruism, Leadership IV

This is a continuation of the HEAL III course comprised of on-campus seminars that occur throughout the clinical components of the program’s curriculum.  This course continues to reinforce the knowledge of important medical practitioner attributes including humanities, ethics, altruism, and leadership.  Students will learn about the principles and practice of intellectual honesty, academic and professional conduct, medical ethics, medical law, cultural competency, diversity, spirituality, patient centered care, medical team practice, and preparing students to work collaboratively in interprofessional patient centered teams. Interprofessional patient centered team instruction will emphasize the importance of the team approach to patient centered care beyond the traditional physician-PA team approach.  It assists students in learning the principles of interprofessional practice and include opportunities for students to apply these principles in interprofessional teams.  This course provides additional instruction on the constantly changing health care system and the impact of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic health disparities on health care delivery.  Instruction related to medical care and diversity aims to prepare students to evaluate their own values and avoid stereotyping.  It assists them in becoming aware of differing health beliefs, values and expectations of patients and other health care professionals that can affect communication, decision-making, compliance and health outcomes.  This course also provides instruction and assessment in the development of problem solving, medical decision-making skills, patient evaluation, diagnosis, and management related to individualized patient care. (across the lifespan to provide preventive, emergent, acute, chronic, rehabilitative, palliative, and end-of life care) .  It includes content relevant to prenatal, infant, children, adolescent, adult, and elderly populations.  Students will receive instruction and training in their progression from active student to practicing physician assistant.




Physician Assistant