BMKT - Marketing

BMKT 6325 Marketing & Development for Non-Profit Organizations

This course focuses on the principles and practices required to develop and promote nonprofit organizations. Topics include fundraising, promotion, the design of a marketing strategy, alternative revenue-generating mechanisms and customer service.  Discussion will also be made of the use of various media, advertising and promotion methods, and fostering relationships with businesses and the community.  Students will have an opportunity to apply these concepts within a nonprofit organization.

BMKT 6341 Marketing Management

Develops skills in strategic marketing analysis and planning, and introduces key marketing ideas and phenomena, such as how to deliver benefits to customers. Presents a framework for marketing analysis and enhances problem solving and decision-making abilities in these areas. Material relevant to understanding, managing, and integrating marketing concepts in managerial situations within organizations.


BMKT 6351 Global Marketing & Competition

This course focuses on understanding and applying various marketing strategies and activities to enable organizations to be competitive in the global marketplace. Prerequisite: BMKT 3311.