READ 4326 Disciplinary Literacy

This course is designed to equip the pre-service teacher with tools to teach across the disciplines in grades four through twelve. Pre-service teachers obtain knowledge and apply strategies that include structure of expository texts, development of vocabulary, word identification, reading fluency, and comprehension of text. Attention is given to writing as a learning tool in various content areas. Students examine assessments which cover a variety of formats to fit various content areas. A connection between language arts and other content areas is emphasized.  Prerequisite:  successful completion of EDUC 3315, as well as meet the standards in the departmental interview and the Basic Skills Requirements.


READ 4328 Diagnostic and Corrective Reading

This course focuses on the formal and informal assessment of struggling readers and the use of that data to base interventions on individual needs. Students utilize prior knowledge of phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, literacy development and practice, word analysis, decoding, fluency, and comprehension to plan, implement, and monitor the progress of a struggling reader in a field-based setting. Parent communication and conferencing skills are also addressed. Prerequisite(s): READ 3307, 3320, and 3624 (preferred).