NURS 2150 Nursing Success

This academic success course introduces the student to expectations and strategies to be successful in a nursing program. Emphasis is on student behaviors, stress management, communication, time management, study strategies, and test-taking skills required to improve student outcomes. Prerequisites include courses required for admission to the School of Nursing. Co-requisites: NURS 2350 and NURS 2460.

NURS 2310 Foundations of Nursing

Designed to introduce students to the major constructs of the nursing curriculum: adaptation of person (four dimensions which include biophysical, psychological, social and spiritual) and professional nursing (critical thinking, nursing process, communication, and professional role activities). Simulations and group activities will be utilized to provide students with an opportunity to learn how to use communication, critical thinking, nursing process, and clinical decision making. Another topic included is an introduction to the legal and ethical aspects of nursing. There is an introduction to professionalism with a focus on professional values, including altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice. Emphasis is placed on foundational content for nursing in medication administration. Students will be expected to demonstrate skill in computing dosage and solution problems. Eligibility to enroll is determined by the Nursing Admissions Committee. Prerequisite : Completion of 30 semester hours of courses applicable to the nursing degree. Lab fee.


NURS 2350 Health Assessment Across Lifespan

This course focuses on the skills needed to conduct a comprehensive health assessment across the lifespan, including the physical, psychological, spiritual, social, functional and environmental aspects of health. Effective communication, assessment, and documentation will be practiced in a simulated laboratory setting. Emphasis is placed on the health continuum and the client focus includes individuals, families, and populations.


NURS 2460 Essentials in Nursing

This course provides a foundation for the student in basic nursing interventions integral to providing effective nursing care. Emphasis is placed on application of theory to practice in both simulated laboratory and clinical settings. The clinical component of this course focuses on the wellness aspect of the health continuum and the patient focus includes individual, families, and populations.