MATH 3093 Junior Evaluation

Students majoring in Mathematics (both teacher certification and non-certification) must complete the math pre-certification review and evaluation during their junior year.


MATH 3314 Geometry

Incidence and separation properties of planes and space developed from an intuitive standpoint. Congruences, similarities, and metric principles are also conceptualized. Prerequisite: 3 hours of college mathematics.


MATH 3315 History of Mathematics

A study of the history, development, and application of mathematical concepts with particular emphasis on algebraic and geometric principles. Prerequisite: MATH 1330 or permission of instructor.


MATH 3320 Foundations of Higher Mathematics

A study of formal logic and set theory (including truth tables, propositional and predicate calculus, equivalence relations, and cardinality of sets) and of the nature and methods of abstract mathematical proof. Prerequisite: MATH 2320.


MATH 3325 Ordinary Differential Equations

Topics will include first order, linear higher order and nonlinear differential equations, systems of linear differential equations, consideration of boundary value problems, introduction to power series methods, elements of Laplace Transform. Some facts from linear algebra are presented. Computer Algebra Systems for problem solution are considered. Prerequisite: MATH 2330 Calculus II with a grade of "C" or higher.


MATH 3326 Partial Equations

This course is a study of partial differential equations (PDEs) and their applications. Topics include derivation of specific PDE models, boundary value problems, and the theory of Fourier series. Prerequisite: MATH 3325 with a grade of "C" or higher.

MATH 3330 Calculus III

A study of multivariable calculus differentiation and integration. Differential equations. Prerequisite: MATH 2330 with a grade of "C" or higher.


MATH 3341 Numerical Analysis

A study of the numerical solution of polynomials and general algebraic equations; numerical solution of simultaneous linear equations and matrix operations; least squares curve-fitting techniques; interpolation polynomials; and numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. Prerequisite: CISC 2305 and MATH 2330 recommended.