CSTH 3303 World Views: Christian Thought Engages the Modern World

A study of Christian responses to intellectual challenges to the Christian faith presented by contemporary thought and competing worldviews. Topics include the theological and philosophical foundations for Christian thought, the existence of God and other central beliefs of Christianity, and the distinct challenge to Christian faith posed by pluralism and postmodernism. The course approaches the challenges in a spirit of engagement and dialogue. (Same as PHIL 3303) Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and 1312.

CSTH 3311 Advanced Theological Studies

This course in an intensive study of a particular theologian, period of theology, area of theology, or theological system. May be taken multiple times for credit with change in subject matter. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311, CSBS 1312, and CSTH 2316.

CSTH 3345 Christian Ethics and Social Issues

This course is an examination of Christian ethical approaches to selected social issues relating to sexuality, marriage, gender, race, biomedical ethics, economics, and politics. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and CSBS 1312.