CSIS 3300 Missiology

This course is an introduction to biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic perspectives of Christian mission and missional living with a special focus on emerging issues in missiology and ministry in global contexts. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and CSBS 1312.

CSIS 3301 Intercultural Perspectives

This course examines various components of intercultural communication, focusing on cultural contexts and barriers, with implications for effective intercultural communication of the gospel, incarnational ministry, and intercultural relationships, Attention is given to biblical and theological foundations for intercultural ministry paradigms and intercultural worship service design. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and CSBS 1312.

CSIS 3350 Intercultural Field Experience

This is a short-term travel course that involves students in firsthand observation and participation in Christian missions in context. The specific content of the course varies according to the nature of the mission work in the location of study. Prerequisites: CSBS 1311 and CSBS 1312.