School of Humanities

Dr. Jacky Dumas, Associate Dean

The School of Humanities houses the following departments: English, Mass Communication, and Modern Foreign Language. Our robust curricula provides the best of what liberal arts and humanities have to offer while also incorporating active professional development for our students. In addition, we provide numerous opportunities for engaging in the respective disciplines as well as creating lifelong learners by means of our student organizations and programming. Our distinctive learning experiences include study abroad experiences, an award winning Speech and Debate team, Cru Films, Deaf Awareness events, literary festivals and workshops, distinguished speakers, and service to our communities.

Housed under the School of Humanities are three multidisciplinary minors which provide extra resources, training, and learning opportunities to almost any major at UMHB. The Writing Minor caters to students who value written communication as a vital component to their professional goals. The Classical Humanities Minor accommodates students who are interested in graduate or professional schools. The Applied Humanities Minor engages students who desire to work/study abroad or desire to foster global perspectives.