Clinical Instruction Program

Dr. Jason Martin, Director of the Community Life Counseling Center

Dr. S. Renee Turner, Coordinator of Clinical Placements


The clinical placement sequence is the cornerstone of the training experience for the Master of Arts in Counseling degree.  As such, all clinical faculty are involved in this essential process to include assisting in screening potential placements sites, evaluating site-supervisor credentials, assessing student readiness for placement, teaching clinical courses (practicum and internship), and providing clinical supervision to students.  The Director of the Community Life Counseling Center (CLC) manages the day-to-day operations of the on-campus training facility where students are placed for their practicum experiences.  The CLC Director helps to ensure this on-campus clinical training facility provides quality clinical experiences that adhere to CACREP accreditation requirements, Texas State laws, and departmental clinical placement policies.  This position is supported by two part-time clinical adjunct faculty who also provide clinical supervision to students in the CLC as well as a graduate assistant and three student workers who provide administrative and clerical assistance.  The Coordinator of Clinical Placements works closely with students, other clinical faculty in the department, the Director of the CLC, graduates, and Texas State licensing Boards to ensure proper documentation of all clinical experiences.  This includes managing and updating information regarding potential and active placement sites and supervisors and the verifying graduates’ placement information for licensure and certification applications.