Exit Counseling

UMHB takes seriously its responsibility to counsel students with regard to debt and its financial impact. To that end, the University offers financial counseling (which is also a federal requirement of the Department of Education). This counseling (also referred to as Exit Counseling) is coordinated through the Office of Financial Aid and is completed online. Exit counseling helps students understand their rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower and provides useful tips and information to help students manage their loans.

Students in certain circumstances are required to take advantage of financial counseling. Specifically, students who are graduating are sent instructions via email notification 1 month before graduating. Those who do not complete the counseling before graduating receive a follow-up notice after graduation. Holds are placed on student accounts 2-3 weeks after last day of class. Students with a hold on their account will be able to obtain an official academic transcript until the hold is removed by the Office of Financial Aid.

In addition, Exit counseling is required of students who have not graduated and are not enrolled for the next academic semester, students who are registered less than half-time, or students who are expelled. This same counseling is required even if the student plans to transfer to another institution.

Financial counseling is available to all students, not just students in the circumstances outlined above, and it can be completed at https://studentloans.gov.