BFIN 4344 Financial Case Studies and Portfolio Management

The development and application of modern portfolio theories in the selection of financial assets will be examined.  Topics include setting investment goals, diversification and risk reduction, capital market theory, performance measurement, portfolio management techniques, and portfolio selection models. This course serves as the capstone for the financial planning concentration nor the corporate finance concentration. The purpose of the course is to require the financial planning students to demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply his or her knowledge of financial planning topics. The case-study class structure differs from the traditional lecture class structure in that students must take a more active role in the learning process. Students will complete a number of segmented financial planning cases related to fundamentals, insurance, investing, taxation, retirement planning and employee benefits, and estate planning topics covered in the individual core courses. Students will develop both basic and complex comprehensive financial plans by following the CFP Board’s six-step financial planning process. Students will complete individual and group work and will participate in the presentation of a comprehensive financial plan to the class. Prerequisite: BFIN 4331.