BFIN 4331 Investment Analysis and Planning

A course emphasizing the commitment of funds to various security forms such as common stocks, bonds, warrants, convertible bonds, liquid assets, and other securities. The course exposes students to the concepts of risk and return, the differences between equity and fixed income investments, the mathematics of investing, the evaluation of investment theories and strategies, and the regulation of the investment industry. The course explores the difference between fundamental and technical analysis, and students will perform basic bond and equity valuations. The course introduces modern portfolio theory (asset allocation, diversification, market timing, and security selection). The course also introduces the capital asset pricing model, arbitrage pricing theory, and the efficient market hypothesis. Students calculate investment fees and expenses, time weighted vs. dollar weighted returns, arithmetic vs. geometric returns, risk adjusted returns, and after-tax returns, students will develop a suitable investment portfolio established to meet a client’s goals and objectives and prepare an appropriate plan of implementation based on this information. Prerequisites: BECO 2311, and BFIN 3311.