Study Abroad

UMHB has made a strong commitment to study abroad programs for students. Each year the number of study abroad opportunities increases. The variety of opportunities also increases each year. Not only has the University made a commitment to offer a wide variety of study abroad opportunities, it has committed to make these opportunities feasible to enable all students to participate. Students will find opportunities that are offered by University colleges and departments as well as opportunities offered by academic partners such as the Consortium for Global Education and the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities.

UMHB’s flagship study abroad opportunity is the spring semester London Studies Program. Other study abroad opportunities range from a course-related trip of one week to a summer semester encompassing multiple courses. Some of the countries on past study abroad itineraries include Morocco, England, China, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Italy, Scotland, Taiwan, Brazil, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, France and Ecuador. The duration of these opportunities ranges from one week to one semester.

For more information about UMHB Study Abroad opportunities, please visit our website or call the Study Abroad office at (254) 295-4015.