English Scholarships

Bryan B. and Pauline Larimer Binford Endowed Scholarship: This endowed scholarship was established through the estate of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Binford of Waco, Texas. Mrs. Binford, Class of 1926, was Poet Laureate of Texas until her death. This scholarship is to be awarded to a full-time student majoring in English. The recipient will be the winner of the Annual UMHB Poetry contest, if that person meets all other requirements of the scholarship.

Cole/Taylor Townsend Scholarship: This fund is endowed in the memory of Lizzie Taylor Cole, Effie Taylor, and Dr. and Mrs. E.G. Townsend. This scholarship is designated for an outstanding English major.

Mary Elizabeth Webster Edwards Endowed Scholarship: This endowed scholarship was established by Mary Elizabeth Webster Edwards, Class of 1929, of Selma, Alabama. This scholarship is to be given to students majoring in communication. In the event that no qualified student majoring in communication is granted this scholarship, then it is given to qualified students certifying in English.

GALS Endowed Scholarship: Lynn Blankenship established this endowed scholarship to honor Verna M. Gardner, Class of 1923 and her three daughters, Lee, Pat, and Doris. The recipient must be an undergraduate student seeking a degree in English, history, or mathematics.

Haywood Endowed Scholarship: Recognizing the influence that a dedicated Christian teacher can have on the lives of students, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Haywood established this scholarship to support prospective teachers in the fields of English, language arts, and special education.

Janie and Mason Wheeler Endowed Scholarship: Janie and Mason Wheeler established this scholarship because of their admiration and respect for the university and as a means to help students with the financial burden of higher education. This scholarship is to be awarded to any female student who is classified as a sophomore or above and studying for a teaching degree in English education.

The Vann English Endowed Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to upper-level (junior/senior) students majoring in English. They are awarded on the basis of need and merit. The funds are given by members and friends of the family of William H. Vann and Osee Maedgen Vann, long-time teachers at UMHB.