Health Services Center

A vital component of the university experience for UMHB students is a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the UMHB Health Services Center is to educate students on health issues and encourage healthy lifestyles. Health fairs, wellness screenings, and health topic presentations are examples of UMHB’s effort to educate and empower students to make informed decisions about their health.

A full-time Registered Nurse serves as Coordinator of UMHB Health Services Center and provides a range of student health services, including first aid, nursing assessment for wellness and illness, immunizations, patient education, and referrals to local healthcare providers and community health resources, if needed.

The UMHB Health Services Center is available at no cost to UMHB students during regular business hours, with or without an appointment. The Health Services Center is located on the third floor of the Mabee Student Center.

Student requirements:

  • Once accepted for admission to UMHB, all students who are applying for campus housing must submit a housing application, which includes a Medical History form.
  • Once accepted for admission to UMHB, all international students are required to complete a Medical History form.
  • Vaccinations and TB Tests:
  • Effective January 2, 2012, the State of Texas requires all first-time students &/or transfer students who are 29 years or younger to receive a vaccination for Bacterial Meningitis. The vaccine must be obtained within five years preceding enrollment or a booster is required. Written evidence of vaccination must be submitted to UMHB. A student must receive vaccination or booster at least 10 days prior to the first of class or moving into campus housing, whichever is first (Texas Education Code, §51.9192, Subchapter Z).
  • If a student has been outside the US in the last year for more than a 2 week period, a TB skin test is recommended. Once accepted for admission to UMHB, international students from countries identified as “TB high-risk” (source: World Health Organization) are required to submit a negative TB test. The test results must be dated no more than 6 months prior to the student’s initial enrollment date at UMHB. Either a negative TB skin test or a negative (normal) chest x-ray report will be accepted. Test results may be included on the UMHB Medical History form or scanned and emailed separately to UMHB Health Services. Students are encouraged to submit proof of current immunizations for their age, as published by the State of Texas. (source: 25 TAC §§97.61; 97.63-97.72) Health Services Center contact

UMHB assumes no responsible for medical expenses incurred by students and strongly encourages all students to maintain individual medical insurance.

Various health insurance applications are available for the student’s convenience at the health center. It is up to the individual student/parent to choose which healthcare plan would best meet their needs.