Withdrawal from the University

Students who must withdraw from the University before the expiration of the semester or session for which they are enrolled must complete the official Withdrawal Form in the Registrar’s Office and secure the approval of the Business Office. University housing students must also secure the approval of the Dean of Students before withdrawing from the University.

A student whose withdrawal is necessitated by illness or injury will be given three weeks within which to withdraw officially.

If you withdraw, you are immediately eligible to reapply for admission unless you are placed on academic suspension for this withdrawal semester due to receipt of WQs for withdrawn courses. In that circumstance, you would not be eligible to reapply for admission until a minimum of one “long” semester has passed.

Students experiencing a disruption in enrollment lasting longer than one academic year must reorganize their respective degree plan to conform with the current catalog.

Students who stop attending classes but fail to withdraw officially will be given failing grades in all courses.