University Housing

Residence Halls

Room and Board Costs Per Semester

Central Bath — $3,115

Gettys Hall

Johnson Hall

Stribling Hall

Private Bath — $3,375

Beall Hall

Burt Hall

McLane Hall

Remschel Hall

Board Plan (Meal Plan) choices provided for Residence Hall students (Choose One):

8 Meals per week with $325 Crusader Bucks (default plan)

12 meals per week with $225 Crusader Bucks

16 meals per week with $125 Crusader Bucks

Apartment-Style Complexes

Only students with 48 or more credit hours may reside in apartments.

(Includes $150 Cru Cash; Meal plan not included)

Huckins Complex $2,275

Independence Village Complex:

4 person unit $2,490

(Clark, Ferguson, Grover, Taylor, Provence, Tryon & James Halls)

2 person unit $3,320

(Wilson, Hobby, Tyson & Garner Halls)

Farris Hall

2 person unit $3,520

3 person unit $3,320

4 person unit $3,140

Apartment / Commuter Board Plan (Meal Plan)

5 meals per week — $725 + applicable sales tax

Summer Rates

Huckins Complex

Per Unit

Per Person

2 people per unit, per person



Independence Village Complex



4 people per unit, per person



Independence Village Complex
(private room)



2 - BR unit, per person



Farris Hall



2 - BR unit, per person



3 - BR unit, per person



4 - BR unit, per person



Transportation Fee

(per summer session)

Students taking at least 6 hours during the May — July 2013 summer sessions may qualify for free summer housing. Please contact Residence Life for more details.

Estimated Expenses

The average cost is $15,055per semester or $30,110per year for a typical resident undergraduate. Resident student cost may vary according to room. Commuter cost is $11,810per semester or $23,620per year. Averages are based on 14 semester hours, room and board (for residential students), technology fee, transportation fee, and general service fee, but do not include books, lab fees, or personal expenses. Tuition, fees, and room and board are due by the due dates set forth for each semester.