Refund/Repayment Policy

A financial aid recipient withdrawing from the university and receiving a refund from the UMHB Cashier’s Office in accordance with the policy listed under the Financial Information section in this catalog may be required to repay institutional aid to UMHB with the refund. The percentage of institutional aid repaid to UMHB will be based upon the percentage of refund received by the student. (i.e. Students receiving 80% tuition refund will repay 80% of the institutional aid.)

State and federal financial aid will be returned in accordance with governmental regulations upon a student’s withdrawal. State financial aid will be returned to the state in a declining percentage through the first four weeks of a semester.

Title IV Funds (Federal financial aid) must be returned through 60% of the semester. (i.e. A student withdrawing at the midpoint of a semester must return 50% of Title IV funds received.)

The return of Title IV funds by UMHB due to the withdrawal of student before completing 60% of a semester will result in an amount being owed to UMHB by the student. UMHB will make an adjusted refund to students withdrawing during their first semester of attendance to compensate for the mandated return of Title IV funds by refunding the lesser of the amount due UMHB or the amount of Title IV funds returned less funds disbursed to student.