Hershall Seals, Chairperson

The purpose of the Art Department is to equip students with a wide range of skills and concepts of artistic expression by developing and maintaining a faculty with diverse artistic experience who are committed to freedom of creativity guided by Christian principles.

The Art curriculum is designed to give students a foundation of art knowledge which will prepare them for careers, vocations, and graduate programs in Art. Concepts and processes in the curriculum stress perceiving, expressing, appreciating, and evaluating experiences in the visual arts. Methods of original and independent thinking are encouraged to stimulate intellectual, professional, and cultural growth. Programs planned according to students’ needs offer maximum flexibility in the context of a liberal arts education. The Art Department amplifies the liberal arts philosophy by featuring balanced learning experiences for students in non-Art disciplines as well.

The Art Department reserves the privilege of retaining selected student works for exhibition.

Students must furnish materials for all courses.

ARTS 2000 Sophomore Review is required of all Art Majors when the student has completed 18 hours of Art courses.