Mathematics and Physics

Dr. Meri Hughes, Chairperson

The aim of the department of mathematics & physics is to develop in our students critical thinking and problem solving skills through mathematical reasoning.  We offer two degree programs to adequately prepare our majors for success in graduate school and for mathematical careers in business and industry.  Features of the student-focused department include small upper-level course sizes, access to professors, an active Delta Psi Theta math club, undergraduate research and conference attendance opportunities, Kappa Mu Epsilon honor society, and a student-led tutoring center.


Students desiring to certify to teach math in a public school, grade 4-8, will complete their major degree requirements through the College of Education.


Math Placement

Scores on the ACT, SAT, or an approved placement exam and the requirements of a student’s degree plan will be used to determine whether a student takes MATH 1300, 1304, 1306, 1320, or 1330 as the student’s first course in mathematics. (See individual course description below.)  A Math score of 550 on the SAT or 21 on the ACT examination are required for MATH 1306. A SAT math score of 580 or ACT math score of 23 are required for MATH 1320.  There are no required minimum scores for MATH 1304MATH 1300 is a developmental course.

In order to appeal the placement indicated by SAT or ACT score, a student must take one of the approved placement exams in mathematics which is accepted by UMHB.  That test score will be used to determine whether the student can place into MATH 1306 if this course is needed for their degree plan.  Although UMHB currently uses Accuplacer to determine placement in Mathematics, other placement tests are available.  The table below gives the scores required to place into MATH 1306.


Placement Test

Score to Place into MATH 1306


90 or above


270 or above


69 or above


43 or above (int. algebra)