Teacher Certification in Spanish

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Degree Requirements

A. Core Courses:


determined by major

Christian Studies - 6 hours

CSBS 1311Old Testament Survey


CSBS 1312New Testament Survey


Contemporary World Issues or Social Science - 3 hours

English - 12 hours

ENGL 1321Rhetoric & Composition I


ENGL 1322Rhetoric & Composition II


ENGL Literature


Exercise and Sport Science (2 activity courses) - 2 courses

Fine Arts - 3 hours

Foreign Language - 14 hours

in one language

Fulfilled by Major

NOTE: The foreign language requirement is 14 semester hours (four semesters or the equivalent) in the same language.

Lab Science - 4 hours

Public Speaking - 3 hours

COMM 1320Public Speaking


Quantitative Reasoning - 3 hours

MATH 1304Quantitative Reasoning




Scientific Inquiry or Natural Sciences - 3 hours

Social Science - 6 hours

two different subject areas outside of major

PSYC 1301General Psychology


Technology - 3 hours

EDUC 2311Classroom Technology


Chapel - 1 to 4 credits

UMHB 1002Chapel


UMHB 1002: credits determined by admission classification

Fine Arts Experience - 2-8 credits


UMHB 1005Fine Arts Experience


UMHB 1005: credits determined by admission classification

Freshman Seminar - 1 hour

UMHB 1101Freshman Seminar


UMHB 1101: required for first-time freshmen with fewer than 12 semester hours of transfer credit only

World Ideas or Philosophy or Non-US History - 3 hours

B.A. Spanish Major Required Courses – 30 hours

12 hours (6 upper level ) at UMHB

12 hours minimum upper level

SPAN 2310Spanish 3


SPAN 2320Spanish 4


SPAN 3330Advanced Oral Communication


SPAN 3340Advanced Composition and Stylistics


SPAN 3345Literary Analysis


SPAN 3370Advanced Grammar


SPAN 3380Applied Linguistics for Spanish


SPAN 2310, SPAN 2320 and SPAN 3370: Check course descriptions for prerequisites

Choose one required:

SPAN 3350Introduction to Spanish Literature


SPAN 3360Introduction to Spanish American Literature


And six hours of upper-level Spanish electives

NOTE: The same course cannot be counted as both a required course and an elective.

No grade lower than “C” will count toward fulfillment of a Teacher Certification/Spanish major.

In addition, students will need to fulfill general requirements for the B.A. or B.S. degree and the certification requirements of the College of Education requirements. This option is available for certification only.

Admission to Teacher Education Program:

Grade point average (GPA) requirements are as follows:

    1. A GPA of at least 3.00 is required in each of the following areas on a student’s degree plan, each area computed separately and individually, AND no grade lower than a “C” will be accepted in any of the following areas: (1) professional development in EC-6, 4-8, 8-12, interdisciplinary studies and all-level; (2) certification area(s) in 8-12, and all-level art, music, physical education, and Spanish; (3) academic support areas in EC-6 and 4-8; (4) academic specialization in 4-8; or (5) in EC-6, special education concentration, and English Second Language in interdisciplinary studies.
    2. The cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 2.5.

See Pedagogy & Professional Practices Minor

The minor in Pedagogy and Professional Practices consists of 22 hours, including student teaching, as well as EDUC 2311 Classroom Technology and PSYC 1301, General Psychology. In addition, FINA 2330, POLS 2310 or 2311 and HIST 2311 or 2312 are strongly recommended but not required. Students certifying in Spanish must take and pass both the PPP EC-12 TExES exam #160 and the TExES-LOTE (Languages Other than English) Spanish Exam #613 in order to receive certification. In addition, students will need to fulfill general requirements for the B.A. degree and the certification requirements of the College of Education.