Sport Management Major

Dr. Mickey Kerr, Director

Sport Management is a dynamic field involving the interdisciplinary study of the management/administration of sport-related organizations and activities. The Sport Management Major is designed to develop graduates with strong communication and organizational skills in their professional preparation for multi-faceted, sport-related career opportunities.

Students have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sport Management. The major focuses on the conceptual, managerial, interpersonal, technical, and practical skills that prepare students to become visionary leaders in various areas of the sport industry. The Sport Management Major prepares students for graduate school, and for a variety of sport specialist entry positions that focus on the administration of sport activities/programs. The mission of the major is to assist students in the development of skills to organize, administer, and facilitate sport programs at the corporate, agency, professional, and amateur levels. A minor designed for Non-Business Majors from the College of Business is incorporated into the curriculum in order to provide a solid foundation in business related principles and education.

The primary employment segments within the sport industry involve performance, spectator, participant, consumer, production, planning, purchasing, supervision, advertising, and promotion. Students majoring in Sport Management will be required to complete a field experience designed to provide practical work experiences in professional settings reflecting current trends and professional practices in the sport management arena. The field experience is incorporated subsequent to the junior year under the supervision of a qualified on-site professional.